Additional Graphic Libraries

 In addition to the thousand of graphics included on the
 CD-ROMS here are some additional graphic libraries.

 These libraries will also work with the demo versions of
 the products.

 Clickteam Add-on Library 1
 Contains: Playing cards and space shooters
 Clickteam Add-on Library 2
 Contains: Animated characters, breakout, and spaceships

 Clickteam Add-on Library 3
 Contains: Characters, various, and platform games items
 Clickteam Add-on Library 4
 Contains: Characters, RPG, draughts game
 Clickteam Add-on Library 5
 Contains: Massive amount of miscellanous items
 Clickteam Add-on Library 6
 Contains: Backdrops and platform game items


 Additional Sound Packs

 In addition to the massive stock of music and sounds  included on the CD-ROMS here are some additional
 sound effects and theme song packs.

 Clickteam Sound Pack 1 3.91mb
 Sound effects
 Clickteam Sound Pack 2 15.4mb
 Theme songs/background music

 Clickteam Sound Pack 3 12.7mb
 Theme songs/background music
 Clickteam Sound Pack 4 19.3mb
 Theme songs/background music
 Clickteam Sound Pack 5 11.0mb
 Theme songs/background music
 Internet Resources

 The following website are not part of the Clickteam network.
 Please be aware you are visiting them at your own risk and Clickteam can not be assured of their content.

Graphic Resources

 Reiners Tilesets - Freeware graphics for people to use in games
 Roencia Game Creators - We make high quality media for you to use in your games royalty free
 SpriteWorks - Original sprite/graphics library containing 2,000 sprites and animations for use in game  programming
 Game Beep - Free and purchase sprites, models and other game artwork
Sound Resources

 LoopSound - Royalty free music and sound effects loops.
 Sound Snap --High quality freeware loops and can be used in commercial projects
 FlashKit - Sound Effect Section
 FlashKit - Background Sound music
 UnigueTracks - Large sound effects libraries for purchase
 A1 Free Sound Effects - Large freeware sound library
 Sound Effects Library - Very large commercial sound effects service
 Sound-Ideas - Many commercial sound effects libraries on CD-ROM
 dBpoweramp Music Converter - Convert almost any audio format into another audio format.
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