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Game Creation

Clickteam's game creation tools have been used in schools, Universities, summer camps and after school clubs for a number of years.

If your considering a games creation as a possible career option, then Clickteam's programs can help you get a level of basic skills needed to progress to more complicated subject areas and languages. Using our programs you can get experience of the following areas:

  • Game design/storyboarding
  • Quality Assurance & Software testing
  • Art, Graphics, Animations
  • Introduction to programming and programming techniques
  • Software packaging and distribution
  • Much More...


Click Convention

Once a year (sometimes every two years), we hold a small convention which allow users, teachers and students to meet. It is also a great way for our developers to show off the latest developments, but also our users to show off some of their amazing creations.

You can visit the convention website which contains information about previous years conventions.


Further Reading Material

If you have read the instructional booklet that comes with the product and you are interested in further reading material in book form, available from Charles RIver Media is "Make Amazing Games in Minutes".



Which Product?

So which product is right for you?


Student Discounts

From time to time we do offer competative discounts, these will be announced on our website or via our news letter (so make sure you are registered to get the latest information).

We don't offer additional student discounts on top of the generous user offers.

If your school or organisation has purchased a subsciption service license from us, you should contact them immediately for a special discount code. This code provides a discount off our core products, and can be used by anyone who is in attendance at that location. Please note this discount code cannot be used with any other concurrent running discount.


School/Educational Discounts

If your school or University are looking to run games or multimedia classes in the future, please pass on our details to them.

For UK/Eire -


Europe (Non UK), Rest of World -

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