A complete version of Patch Maker with unlimited rights to produce patch updates for both commercial and non commercial products. Each patch will contain an advertisement page for Clickteam when the update is complete, with a button to connect to our web site.

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The same version as above, without any advertisement. Here, too, you get unlimited rights to create installers for both commercial and non-commercial products. Purchase a registered version in the online store. Fax and postal mail registration also available.

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The Usefulness of Patch Maker and what does Patch Maker provide?

The life of a software product is usually marked by the release of different versions. One version differs from the previous one by a small number of changes. Some sections of code in the executable files are different, new files may be added, some even deleted. What the author of the product usually does, is provide a new version of the files either as a new re-installable product or just the modified files, compressed.

The above procedure is very wasteful though. For example, if a file of 1Mg has only had say 10Kb altered within it, then why create an update patch that requires the full 1Mb. It would be far more efficient if just the altered data were used. Well this is the purpose of Patch Maker. This utility saves a huge amount of bytes by storing just the differences between files and even compressing this data.

This method has two distinct advantages:

Very small update patches, independent of the size and number of files of the original installation.

Ultimate protection of the update.
As most of the data is not stored in the update patch, it is impossible to steal your software unless you already possess a previous versions of the software.

Patch Maker is the complementary product of the Clickteam Install Creator series. They share the same professional-looking interface and the same ease of use. If you have used Install Creator you will feel right at home with Patch Maker.

Create your first patch fast using the wizard
Fast and powerful compression system - only the differences in the files are stored
Creates very small and professional executables. Only 50Kb for the extractor itself
Interface of the extractor is 100% configurable, including all the texts, error messages and bitmaps
Preview the final look at any time during development
Produce multi-lingual updates, Make your own language templates
Patch files in the system directory
Update several versions within the same executable
Display a report when patch is completed
Retrieve installation directories from INI files or the registry base
Exclude several zones from the files to update, allowing you to preserve user-related data which is stored within files (like software protection, registration numbers etc.)

Create your first patch in
one minute with the wizard.

As with Install Maker, Patch Maker produces an all-in-one executable instantly. These executable have a surprisingly small size : the minimum size is only 50Kb, which equates to 10 seconds with a 56K modem connection. You save your customer some valuable connection time.
Compared to similar software, Patch Maker is by far the fastest. It also has one of the best compression ratios available.
Patch Maker produces updaters with a professional interface, very similar to the one used by installation programs.
Patch Maker handles upgrades from multiple previous versions to a final version, for example you can have in the same patch upgrades from V1.0 to V1.2 and V1.1 to V1.2...


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