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Multimedia Fusion 2 Developer

Multimedia Fusion 2 Developer the most powerful authoring tool available in our product range. If you are looking at creating games, multimedia and applications, and require the most features at a competative price then this is the product to use.

Using the same visual interface as TGF2 and MMF2, if you decide to upgrade from one of these products, you can dive straight in without any delay.

MMF2 Developer comes with additional features such as - No logo requirement when producing programs (Commercial or otherwise), a number of Developer only extensions (Data Grid, Double precision calculator, Explorer, List View, OS and Trial Period), ability to create MDI documents and more...

So regardless of if you just require more features or are creating commercial games and programs, Developer can help you create faster and more efficiently than ever. If you feel you don't need the extra functionality of Developer, then we recommend that you look at either Games Factory 2 or Multimedia Fusion 2. Click on the "Comparison" graphic on the right hand side for more details of what features are with each product.


Workspace Toolbar : Create the levels to your game/application. You can double click on any frame to display it in the frame window (4). Object Toolbar : Displays all of your objects you are using within a single frame.
Properties Toolbar : View the properties of your application, frame, and objects quickly and easily. Frame Editor : Visually place all of the elements to your program with ease. These elements could be images or programming related.

MMF2's stylish new interface allows even the most novice of PC users to navigate and develop games and applications, without any prior programming knowledge. Best of all; the improved properties toolbar brings significant benefits to users of previous versions. Anyone upgrading will be able to jump straight into the new version in no time.

A major new feature that has been added in both TGF2 and MMF2 is the new debugger. The debugger allows the developer to systematically test and check their products before release.

Everytime you "Test" your program, the debugger window appears, you can pause, view program details, and even make changes.

If you are a previous user of the software you will now save lots of time with this new feature, there is no need to add lots of counters to simulate tests, the debugger allows you to run them.

You can turn the debugger on and off at any stage of the program, so you can turn the debugger on just when you want to test a specific frame within your game.



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