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Bermuda Triangle Game Builder Tutorial

LINK -- Loopsoft tutorials

Moo Tutorials From Flava

Getting the most of MMF

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MooClick Video Tutorial series

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Video Tutorials for TGF2/MMF2 From A to Z

Video Tutorials from Flyin V Interactive

NEW - Make A "Paint" program part 1 by Game_Master

NEW - Make A "Paint" program part 2 by Game_Master

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Books To Read:

Make Amazing Games In Minutes

Power User's Guide To Windows Development

Awesome Game Creation

General Usage Tutorials

Interface Guide
Written By Koobare

A complete walk thru of the Multimedia Fusion 2/The Games Factory 2 interface.
Your road Map to creating.

The Image editor
Written By Koobare

A complete tutorial/walk thru on the TGF2/MMF2 image and animation editor.
Discover the awesome power of the graphics editor built into the program.

Using the graphic libraries
Written by Jason Darby

Using and understanding the graphic libraries that come with TGF2/MMF2.
Getting your graphics into TGF2/MMF2 and the various objects you can use to display them.

New User Tutorials

Written By Andos


This easy to follow tutorial will get you started building a classic catch the falling object game.

Written By Andos

This easy to follow tutorial will lead you thru the creation of an autorun CD-ROM menu.
A nice little introduction to the application building with TGF2/MMF2

Written By Popcorn

A classic and excellent tutorial explaining the basics of the INI file. The INI is an excellent choice for saving data between use of your creations.

Really not a lot to say except a very complete rundown of the INI object and how to sue it. This tutorial has been updated for TGF2/MMF2.


After reading thru this easy to follow tutorial you should be an INI expert.

Written By Popcorn

A simple to follow 2 part tutorial on how to make a screen saver.

Written By Popcorn

A great tutorial on game building! Build a 2 player pong game with scoring lives and defining controls. A must build game for people new to TGF2/MMF2.

In this tutorial you will learn:

How to set up the frame

How to make actions and events

How to assign movements to an object

How to produce a 2 player game

How to score and track the lives in your game.


All in this one easy to follow tutorial.


Written By Popcorn

All about scrolling the screen and frame!
Your going to learn from common scrolling to more advanced "Parallaxing" scrolling.

Intermediate Tutorials
Written By Koobare

Koobare has written a very unique and entertaining tutorial that is a bit different from other tutorials. With a name like SmellyClaw what can you say? Follow along this tutorial and get your own SmellyClaw.......


Written By Koobare

Highly Recommended!
"This is my favorite tutorial" -- Jeff from Clickteam

Globwars is a turn based game by Koobare.
Your going to learn a lot following this very long and indepth tutorial.

This game is pretty easy to build and your going to like playing the game when your done :)

2 Player turn based game
Scrolling playfield

You play a glob at war with another glob and they throw gernades at each other.
Its a classic turn based game similar to "Worms".

A developer could add some new weapons -- Create some new levels -- perhaps MOOClick it and easily have a commercial quality game ready to release.

Written By Koobare

This in-depth tutorial will lead you thru a very complete project making a video/media player in Multimedia Fusion.You will go over some topics like the global event editor, custom application menus, and how to display the videos in different modes.

This tutorial is HUGE and should be done after you have a grasp of the basic MMF interface.

Written By Koobare

Create a raining weather effect for your creations.

All sorts of effects and options built in.

Your not just creating rain you learning all about how to group events and activate and deactivate the event groups.

Written By Koobare

More weather effects and enhancement for your creations.

Fall weather is fast approaching and the leaves are dropping off the trees.
Will it be a gentle breeze or a full blown gale? Its your creation you decide.

Then of course it turns colder and snow will fall and pile up.

Its another one of Koobares complete tutorials that will really get you into the depths of Multimedia Fusion 2.


Body Parts
Written By Popcorn


What type of tutorial is it ... well 1/2 animation 1/2 advanced eventing.

Here is how popcorn describes it

"Have you ever tried to make a platform game, but given up on the fact that you just aren't good enough with the graphics?.......I am not going to learn to draw animations for my games when I can use the event editor to make the animations for me."


Risky Waters
Written By Koobare


A classic sub hunter game.
Player controls the ship the computer
controls the submarine.




Written By Koobare

Build your own operating system in MMF


Advanced Tutorials
Written By Koobare

An advanced tutorial on saving and loading data.
You should be comfortable with TGF2/MMF2 before trying this one -- More then comfortable as it dives right into advanced eventing and complex syntax.

This tutorial uses multiple array objects and the blowfish encryption object to save data. The player can then reload the data and continue the game where they left off.

You will also learn a few isometric game concepts along the way.


Custom Platform Movement
Written by David N

An advanced tutorial/demonstration of a custom platform movement system built in TGF2/MMF2. This is a very good explanation and tutorial on how to create a custom movement engine. You will learn a lot from following this easy to read tutorial.

A complete MFA file is also supplied so you can examine the code while you read the tutorial.

Double jumps, moving platforms, keys and doors, springs.

Really everything a platform game could need.


Dialog Tutorial
Written by Adam Gledhil "Mrman"

Create a dialog system in MMF2.

This tutorial shows a multi-character dialog system with some special effects.



Online high-score

Read Online

Download Files

Written by DavidN

Combine the game creation power of TGF2/MMF2 with an mySQL database and PHP and you have yourself a global high score system for you creation.


A very complex and complete trivia game engine.
Download Contains - PDF - template MFA - compiled game
MooClick Video Tutorials

Create a simple chat room using MOOClick.

A complete walk thru using Moo and how to create a functional chat room using Mooclick. Later episodes will add features to this chat.

I would like to thank Joshtek for his incredible amount of help he as provided on this tutorial series. Without his help this would have never been possible.

Add private messages to our simple chat room created in part 1

Adds a group draw feature to our simple chat room created in part 2

Adds a simple word censor system to the chat room.



Bermuda Triangle Game Tutorial By Random


Video Tutorials By Mr Man

Episode 2 - Application Development

How to setup you mmf file properties, and design layouts for making applications that will work regardless at what resolution a user has their windows OS set at.

Video and MFA source file


MooClick Tutorials

Issue 1: MMF on a 800x600 display
Issue 2: MMF Behaviors
Issue 3: The Application Properties
Issue 4: The Multimedia Fusion runtime engine
Issue 5: The ActiveX Object
Issue 6: Multimedia Fusion's stand-alone applications
Issue 7: Registering ActiveX Controls By Peter Prins
Issue 8: The Animations
Issue 9: Getting the most of MMF for Power Users By Andy H
Issue 10: Artificial Intelligence By Lucas Junqueira
Issue 11: Importing Graphics by RyGuy

Note -- Written for MMF 1.5 so the screenshot may be a tad different them version 2

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