Packs bonus pour Multimedia Fusion 2 et Multimedia Fusion 2 Developer

Vous pouvez télécharger les packs à partir du centre de téléchargement de Clickteam (il y a aussi des bonus packs pour la version précédente MMF1.5).

Note: le Pack Bonus pour MMF2 n'est pas encore disponible, il sera téléchargeable d'ici très peu de temps.

Ce pack est la compilation des 3 packs faits pour MMF 1.5
transcrits pour être utilisés avec MMF 2

Advanced Direction The advanced version of the Direction Object provides even more functions that are very useful when creating custom movements, and doing most movement related work.
Blowfish A powerful encryption object that will set new standards in MMF. Uses the famous Blowfish encryption algorithm to encrypt strings internally, and files. Now you can make your valuable game and application data virtually tamperproof and very private. Great for online use, too.
ISO Grid 2 The Isometric Grid object enables you to create complex multi-levelled pseudo-3D isometric worlds, with full support for the Z-axis and different levels in your isometric world. It's packed with features and will inspire some great games.
Magic Deque Find new power in this "different type of array". MagicDeque is much more dynamic than most arrays. It is useful for anything where groups of data can change, where things can be removed at any point, like card games, and for sorting multiple arrays.
Platform Movement A powerful alternative to MMF's built-in platform movement. This innovative tool is easy to use and provides you with everything you need to create functional, flexible, custom platform games.
Progress Bar A full-featured progress indicator. Can display as a smooth or segmented bar. Provides control of display colors, step size, and more. The built-in dialog feature gives you full control
Random Pool Generates a given set of random numbers that get "used up" so that there is no repetition. Great for various games and apps. engs several powerful features like expire, refill, seed, and shuffle.
Save Game The Save Game Object was made for saving and loading information of Active Objects to memory and/or to disk. It lets you specify what you want to save. It also has some value and string saving features.
Text Blitter 1.5 Allows you to use bitmap fonts in any application or game, online or offline. This version has new features that give you more control.
Alpha Channel, by Chris Branch The Alpha Channel object lets you create and display images with variable transparency - alpha channels. Animation functions are provided, and you can also resize and rotate the image at runtime, and set the overall opacity of the image. Displays internal images or BMP, GIF, JPEG and PNG external picture files.
Int64, by Tigerworks The Int64 object can handle arithmetic with 64 bit numbers, i.e. integer numbers between -9,223,372,036,854,775,808 and 9,223,372,036,854,775,807.

Mersenne Twister, by Chris Branch

The Mersenne Twister random number generator is a highly optimised random generator; it can generate a number within any range, including decimal numbers.
Mod Fusion EX, by Josh Whelchel This object plays tracked modules in Multimedia Fusion. Features: crossfading, multiple track playback, FFT Visualization support.
Named Variables, by z33z The Named Variable Object is an array whose items are identified with a string, the key. Each element in the array can hold one value and one key. The whole array can be saved and loaded in several file formats.
Particle Spray, by Mattis Lorentzon The Particle Spray extension is a Particle Simulator. By manipulating its setup values you can create an unlimited number of effects. Fire, Explosions, Paint Spray, Water, Rain, Snow
Advanced Game Board Object, by Anders Riggelsen (Andos) AGBO makes the creation of board games much easier with it's inbuilt looping and searches for connected bricks.
Advanced Path Movement, by David Clark (Alien) Create advance paths with multiple branches where the player can chose to take the shortest route from their current position to a new position. Useful for ‘click and move’ games.
Color Selector, by Chris Newhouse (xtraverse) A button that, if clicked, displays a popup menu that provides a simple way of selecting a color, similar to the color menus in Office. It also provides access to the Windows color dialog.
Icon View, by Ashley Gullen (Tigerworks) Icon View can display a list of custom icons with labels, like the files in Windows Explorer. It also has advanced options like mass selection, extracting icons from files and dragging.
Icon List, by Rich Whilding (Herb) Icon List is capable of creating comboboxes with the ability to add 16x16 or 32x32 images by each line, and has added extras the original Combobox doesn't have.
Image Manipulator, by Rich Whilding (Herb) Manipulate and convert images with ease, with advanced features such as transformations and effects, supports major formats such as JPEG/PNG/BMP.
Lens, by Anders Riggelsen (Andos) Make good looking distortions to the background as if it was seen through a piece of glass.
MoveIt, by Anders Riggelsen (Andos) MoveIt can simply move multiple objects to where you want it and how fast they should move. Tell the object to move your objects and MoveIt does the rest for you.
Move Safely 2, by David Clark (Alien) Allow multiple objects to move 'safely' from one point to another taking 'in-between steps' rather than jumping, allowing you to test for collisions. engs a special 'push out' algorithm so objects don’t stay in walls!
Speech Bubble, by David Clark (Alien) Easily create stylish speech bubbles with shadows, outlines, rounded corners, arrows and more!
YASO, by Jack Webster (Jax) This object, 'Yet Another System Object', deals with file associations, folders and paths, shut down events and various other system related tasks.


PRO VERSION - All the above objects plus  
Email: The e-mail object allows your applications to send and receive e-mail through SMTP and POP3 as well as check whether e-mail addresses are in a valid format. Full featured email for MMF Pro.
OS: Get important user and machine specific information within your applications and games, including environment variables.
Double Precision: Now, get the control you need over decimal point calculations, plus the capacity for double precision numbers, i.e., 16 significant digits. You can choose various degrees of precision, number of digits, and assure that financial calculations have the correct output.
Process Viewer, by xtraverse The Process Viewer is a simple extension that can retrieve information about all processes, threads, and modules on your system, and even terminate processes.
Regular Expressions, by Chris Branch Bring the power of advanced string matching, splitting and parsing to your applications with regular expressions (regex).
XML Parser, by Mokhtar M. Khorshid This object manipulates XML documents in memory (supports wildcard searching) and can write/read them to/from files.
Quick Hash, by Rich Whilding (Herb) QuickHash is a hashing extension capable of hashing files and text using many different algorithms, including MD5, SHA-1 and SHA-2.
Masked Edit, by Chris Newhouse (xtraverse) Create Edit Boxes that only accept certain formats of input. Easy for structured input such as phone numbers, serial numbers, dates, and much more.
SpellChecker, by Jack Webster (Jax) Easily check through text for suggestions with advanced options such as contractions and custom word lists.