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#98872 - 07/08/08 02:27 PM MMF2 Build #248

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Hi everyone,

The build #248 is available :

MMF2 Standard
MMF2 Developer

(ps: this is the normal version of MMF2, not the HWA version, the HWA version will be updated asap)

This build contains a beta version of the Java runtime.


Fixes and new features in the build 248

- Event editor : crash when you create an object in the event editor, delete the action, save the application, reload it and recreate the Create Object action.

- Player control setup : help button not working in player control keyboard setup dialog box.

Fixes and new features in beta 7

- Animation editor : hot spot position not saved after you move the hot spot with the mouse (appeared in beta 6).

- Transition setup dialog : transition not selected in the list when you edit an application created with MMF 1.5.

- Java runtime : new Active Picture object.

- Java runtime : cannot build Java applications with extensions on Windows Vista.

- Java runtime : movement extensions not working in beta 6.

- Java runtime : transitions not working in some applications created with MMF 1.5, or with some versions of MMF2.

Fixes and new features in beta 6

- Edit box : scroll to end action may generate odd issues

- Any extension object with images : (dialog box object, button object, etc) images may disappear if you edit the object from the workspace window or property bar when the frame editor is not opened.

- Java runtime : frame and object transitions are now supported.

Fixes and new features in beta 5

- Animation editor : screen flickers while dragging the hot spot/action point around.

- Animation editor : selected animation not displayed as selected the first time you click it.

- Event editor : the comment editor is now resizable.

- Menu editor : new "Permanent shortcut" option in the properties of a menu entry. If this option is selected, the shortcut triggers the command even if the menu is hidden.

- Runtime : the End of music condition was not triggered at the end of the music after a Pause / Resume action.

- Layer object : object z-order messed up after a Sort action and a scrolling.

- BMP filter : problem with BMP files exported by some graphic tools.

- Java : new Array object

Fixes and new features in beta 4

- Runtime : objects with the "Visible at start" option not checked are no longer shown when they are created with a Create Object action.

- Runtime : when an active object having a fade out transition and being scaled is destroyed, the object fades out at its original unscaled size.

- Runtime : bug in new expressions that return alterable values and strings by index.

- General : crash when loading some applications with the build 248.

- Properties : Global Values are 1-based but in the Properties box of the application the first Global Value is displayed as "0 (Global Value A)".

- Expression editor : the animation number is displayed as 1-based in the expression editor although it's 0-based.

- Expression editor : the variable number in Set Alterable Value is displayed as 1-based althought it's 0-based.

- Event editor : Run Frame button disabled in behavior editor.

- Draw object : doesn't release mouse events if you quit the frame when the user clicks inside the object.

- Timer-based movements : new property in the Frame properties. When this option is selected, the movement and animation speed of the objects in this frame is based on the exact time difference, making it independent from the machine speed. Note: for compatibility reasons, this option is not selected by default in frames of old applications. If this option is not selected, the speed is based on a frame count, less precise. A second property, Movement Timer Base, allows you to specify the value (frames per second) of the timer on which movements are based when the Timer-based Movements option is selected. It allows you to define the frame rate of the movements and animations independently from the frame rate of the application. Note: these options have no effect on the Invaders movements.

- Movement speed : the maximum value of the speed of movements is now 250 instead of 100 (except for the Invaders movement).

- Java : known issue, the Windows controls don't work in Java applets. This issue won't be fixed in this build. They work fine in Java stand-alone mode (MMF2 Developer).

- Java : new AVI object. Note: this object requires Java Media Framework to be installed.

- Java : Layer object IsVisible condition reported always false

- Java : the object collision mask was not created from the alpha channel, resulting in a boxed collision detection.

- Java : String object, Set Text action was based on 0 instead of 1.

Fixes and new features in beta 3

- Application corruption : sometimes MFA files could become corrupted. We have fixed a possible reason for this issue (hopefully the unique reason) and have also fixed a bug in the routine that was saving applications to a temporary file before overwriting the MFA file (on some machines it was directly overwriting the MFA file without using a temporary file). Additionnally if the autobackup feature is not enabled, MMF2 now proposes you to activate it. So theoretically nobody should get corrupted applications anymore.

Note: for applications that are already corrupted, you might get a new error message that asks you to contact us. Please do it, thanks.

- Random images : also we might have fixed the problem of images randomly switched in some applications. Hopefully the 2 or 3 users who have reported this issue can test this build and confirm if it's fixed or not. This problem was happening after you change the colors or frames of an active object and at least 2 instances of this object are present in the next frame.

- General : the application is no longer marked as modified when you open the global event editor, a behavior editor or some tabs of the Data Element editor.

- Navigate toolbar : the frame index is now displayed in the frame list

- Property window : properties being edited not validated before Run Application command. This was also causing issues with image and animation properties.

- Library window : on Windows Vista, crash when trying to view 2 objects without closing the preview window (the preview window was not closed automatically).

- Frame editor : the number of selected objects is now displayed in the status bar on the right of the mouse coordinates.

- Frame editor : objects created at an incorrect position when you drop files to the frame.

- Frame editor : objects created in the event editor and then removed from the event editor were not always removed from the frame and couldn't be deleted. They are now automatically removed from the frame when you reload the application.

- Properties / Alterable values : fix in routine that checks if a name is allowed or reserved.

- Event editor : the Select Group dialog box is now resizable.

- Event editor : cannot enter more than 4 digits in the edit boxes in the Pick object from zone dialog box.

- Event editor : top condition incorrectly selected in some cases.

- Picture editor : problem when importing some animated GIF files.

- Picture editor : sometimes in zoom mode you have to enlarge the window to edit the bottom row and the right column.

- Animation editor : "non empty" mark of animations not always updated.

- Animation editor : new shortcut keys to crop images : SHIFT + CONTROL crops all the directions of the current animation, SHIFT + CONTROL + ALT crops all the animations of the current object.

- Stand-alone applications : sound filters are now automatically added if you use only Play Sound File actions (and no Play Sound action).

- Stand-alone applications : graphic filters are now automatically added if you use the Load Frame action of the active object.

- Installer : internal error after adding an external file and building the installer.

- Runtime : new Get Alterable Value & String By Index functions.

- Runtime : possible random crashes in Save/Load Frame Position.

- Runtime : memory leak for objects that contain alterable strings after Save/Load Frame Position.

- Runtime : sounds sometimes swapped when you load a position from a different frame.

- Runtime : data of movement extensions not saved after Save Frame Position.

- Runtime : crash when using SET DIRECTION action in some cases with the platform movement

- Runtime : speed increase in some cases when colliding with a platform and tweaking the X and Y coordinates of the object.

- Runtime : crash when you close an application and the same sample is being played on several channels at the same time.

- Runtime : Set Layer action not working correctly for hidden objects.

- Runtime : frame collision mask not resized after Set Frame Width / Height.

- Runtime : layers without "visible at start" option not hidden after a frame restart.

- Runtime : crash when the maximum number of objects is reached and collisions between lots of objects occur at the same time.

- Runtime : "Include external files" option not compatible with embedded binary files.

- Runtime : backdrop objects are hidden one frame too late when you hide a layer.

- Button object : when you use the TAB key to give the focus to a button with a text and a picture, the picture disappears.

- Counter object : bar / set color action not working in solid color mode.

- Counter object : when a counter is set to Numbers mode the font listed under Text Options is garbled.

- Dialog Box object : Set Control Position action also resizes the controls when it's used when the dialog box is closed.

- Explorer object : tree control not correctly resized if you resize the object and the tree has a vertical scrollbar.

- List and Combo Box objects : new "Change line" action to modify the text of a line.

- Quiz Object : fix in wrong answer dialog.

- Special object : new "Arc tangente of y/x" expression.

- Storyboard object : new "Frame position has just been saved" condition. This condition is true the next frame after the frame position has been saved (as a frame position is always saved at the end of frame).

- Storyboard object : conflict between the Save Frame Position and the Previous Frame / Next Frame / Jump to Frame actions.

- Sub-application object : sub-application objects created by a Create Object action or restarted by a Restart action are now immediately initialized (one frame loop is executed just after the object is created) so that you can immediately modify their global values and strings.

- SDK : cSurface::GetPixelFast was bugged in 32000/65000 color mode.

- GIF filter : fixed a transparency bug in animated GIFs.

- Java runtime : new objects have been converted - button, edit box, file, ini, rich edit, active system box, background system box

- Java runtime : Frame background color Red and Blue value were inverted

- Java runtime : Layer is visible returned FALSE even if the layer was visible

Fixes and new features in beta 2

- Event editor : insertion of spaces in object folder messed up the display. It is no longer possible to insert space just after a folder open and before a folder close icon.

- Event editor : deletion of imbricated event groups only deleted the top most group, leaving "New condition" all over the place.

- Event Editor : floating point values less than 1.0 always displayed in exponential format.

- Picture Editor : some keys were disabled in the file selectors.

- Global and Alterable values : incorrect error message when you edit the name of a value and don't change it. You can also now change the case of the name.

- Animation object : pastes itself to background in scrolling applications.

- Animation object : the animation now automatically starts when you load a new file in an empty animation object.

- Counter object : floating point values less than 1.0 incorrectly displayed if a fixed number of digits was selected.

- Dialog Box object : Spin control position not updated when you manually change the content of the attached edit box and close the dialog box.

- Runtime : better bouncing in Ball movement.

- Runtime : potential crash or malfunction if a Stop action was on a line begining by a "Is group activated" condition.

Fixes and new features in beta 1

- Event list editor : Delete key did not always delete the line under the cursor

- Event list editor : Return now opens the popup menu relative to the element under the cursor

- Event list editor : SPACE+LEFT MOUSE KEY scrolls the display around

- Event list editor : Space selects or deselects the element under the cursor

- Event list editor : hilighted elements are now cancelled when moving the cursor (preventing mistakes when they went out of sight)

- Event list editor : Left and Right keys now select in order the event, the conditions, and the actions

- Event list editor : Cursor stays on the complete event when going over remarks and groups

- Event list editor and event editor : a first click on a line with shift pressed selected all the lines from first line

- Event editor : when pressing Return, popup menus appear now on the left of the element under the cursor

- Question & Answer object : correct answers not copied when you clone an object or a frame

- Java runtime : ability to save Java Applets and Web start apps (MMF2), as well as Java Stand-alone apps (MMF2 Developer only).

Link to build #247

Edited by Jeff (01/14/09 03:16 PM)

#98879 - 07/08/08 03:21 PM Re: MMF2 Build #248 (BETA 8) [Re: Yves]

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excellent! I'm was going to re-install the beta 7 in a few minutes now I'll install this one.. thanks Yves!

#98880 - 07/08/08 03:25 PM Re: MMF2 Build #248 (BETA 8) [Re: Bruto_Memo]

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Good- more Great work, I'm getting a little impatiant though, how many more beta releases before the final is released?
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#98882 - 07/08/08 03:26 PM Re: MMF2 Build #248 (BETA 8) [Re: dragonguy]

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Cooo It's getting close to release time More and more updates.



#98888 - 07/08/08 04:14 PM Re: MMF2 Build #248 (BETA 8) [Re: DJFuego]

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how many more beta releases before the final is released?
Hopefully 0...

#98890 - 07/08/08 04:19 PM Re: MMF2 Build #248 (BETA 8) [Re: dragonguy]

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Awesome job Yves

 Originally Posted By: dragonguy
I'm getting a little impatiant though
Be a bit more appreciative! Its a FREE update!? Stop being a **** around the forums please.
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#98891 - 07/08/08 04:35 PM Re: MMF2 Build #248 (BETA 8) [Re: dingdong]

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Ummm might need to check the background image object.
I've pasted a large image into the editor and Okayed it.
But the image is still cropped 32X32 in the frame editor.



#98939 - 07/08/08 06:55 PM Re: MMF2 Build #248 (BETA 8) [Re: dingdong]

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Its a FREE update!? Stop being a **** around the forums please.

Updates like bug fixes etc. should always be free.

Good work anyway with new features

#99124 - 07/09/08 07:11 PM Re: MMF2 Build #248 (BETA 8) [Re: Yves]

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Can we request simple features? Something like being able to use the number pad to auto place the Hot Spot or Action Point? I am tearing my hair out over not being able to do that in MMF 2.
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#99154 - 07/09/08 11:37 PM Re: MMF2 Build #248 (BETA 8) [Re: KingToast]

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That got replaced with Buttons that do the exact same thing.

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