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#70998 - 01/03/08 07:34 AM Re: MMF2 and Vista [Re: Yves]

Registered: 07/01/06
Posts: 1975
The bugs haven't put me off buying it, but the price has! Oh stuff it! What's 229 anyway... wipes dust from credit card.

Well try buying MS VC++ .net 2003, try well over 2290, or darkbasic for 99 which (Correct me) requires a whole array of runtimes to be installed, most of which are crap and useless, places an annoying advert, is forced to 50fps maximum, you have to pay royalties to release anything that isn't released as free (and thats over 2000 per game / application you release) and is generally the most unstable, ugliest engine to build on that I could think of, you even have to pay more for a 3D editor because they made a special format that only the program they made can export to (great way of making money eh?) and they even charge you for extra, you don't get any graphics with it, you can buy them for an extremely high premium rate if you want, and from what I heard; the development team takes a few days to reply to your email, thats if your email even gets to them past the moderator people that will send you an obvesly predefined message telling you basically how you got ripped off and they don't care.
Now compare that to CT, I think you'll find that apart from MMF2 being cheaper, it outrates it by far
114990 = It's clearly obvious he didn't read it, someone get him to specsavers ASAP so his drivel stops by allowing him to read.
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#92813 - 05/28/08 02:46 PM Re: MMF2 and Vista [Re: droberson]

Registered: 05/27/08
Posts: 5
i need help with mmf2 will some one get back to me

#92814 - 05/28/08 02:51 PM Re: MMF2 and Vista [Re: gamemaker]

Registered: 05/30/07
Posts: 127
gamemaker, we need specifics. Stop posting this in every topic and just make your own.

Edited by gamefreak202 (05/28/08 02:51 PM)
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#92815 - 05/28/08 03:09 PM Re: MMF2 and Vista [Re: gamefreak202]

Registered: 06/30/06
Posts: 2855
Loc: England
He sent me a PM with this message too.
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#93079 - 05/30/08 05:14 PM Re: MMF2 and Vista [Re: Jamie]

Registered: 06/30/07
Posts: 95
The conditions for testing if a key is pressed don't work.

I'm running Vista 64-bit with SP1.
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#93081 - 05/30/08 05:36 PM Re: MMF2 and Vista [Re: Arnax]

Registered: 06/28/06
Posts: 4569
Loc: Oregon
Its working fine here -- do you have a quick example you can upload so we can check it out. Perhaps it has something to do with Vista 64 bit but no one else has reported it and I know some guys around here use it.

(I am on Vista 32 bit)
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#93082 - 05/30/08 06:01 PM Re: MMF2 and Vista [Re: Jeff]

Registered: 06/30/07
Posts: 95
Ok, this is just wierd. I opened a new application to try and recreate the problem, and it worked fine. Then I went back to the other application that was having problems, and it didn't work any more. I don't know what it is. However, I was looking at the examples made by Jaffob, and the "Screen Playground" example didn't work either (the parts having to do with pressing the arrow keys), so I guess you could look into that example.
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#104498 - 08/15/08 10:28 PM Re: MMF2 and Vista [Re: Caesar]

Registered: 03/26/07
Posts: 113
Loc: Montana, U.S.A.
Well I don't know if this has been reported before but a friend of mine was trying to play a game I was making and it seems like it stops responding seemingly at random if he presses CTRL. I thought it might of had to do with sounds being playing from files but I'm not sure, I'm not at his house to see what's going on and I don't have Vista.
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#104567 - 08/16/08 02:32 PM Re: MMF2 and Vista [Re: Corlen]

Registered: 07/01/06
Posts: 736
Loc: UK
Sounds like the Helper keys or sticky keys.



#111997 - 10/11/08 12:51 PM Re: MMF2 and Vista [Re: DJFuego]

Registered: 03/18/08
Posts: 44
Do the screensavers made in MMF2 work in Vista? I didn't know if Vista used the same .scr format or not.

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