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#128676 - 02/13/09 01:27 AM Re: Misc. Javaruntime bugs [Re: Francois]

Registered: 07/02/06
Posts: 333
François, do you know why the screen flashes on slower computers? With me, it happens if I set the window to 2x in the html page and even if I leave it at its default size.

#128703 - 02/13/09 07:12 AM Re: Misc. Javaruntime bugs [Re: Alonso]

Registered: 07/04/06
Posts: 124
Loc: Denmark
Alonso, could you upload a java app with the screen falshing problem? Ideally as an open mfa. I'd like to test it here on my end on a few different computers.

I've had flashing problems myself before, but that was with specific objects, not the entire app.

The objects I've had flashing was mostly windows objects (buttons, list object...)

#128997 - 45 minutes 40 seconds ago Re: Misc. Javaruntime bugs [Re: Burfelt]

Registered: 01/15/08
Posts: 99
Burfelt, the flashing screen seems to happen on EVERY app, not just Alonso's. It's all dependant on the system specs and how much memory is in use.

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