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#127675 - Yesterday at 04:08 PM Bad Objects?

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Hey, I somehow ended up with a few bad objects in my game, i replaced the models, and deleted the events, but it still won't release the bad models!
I have tried building the application, playing it using f7, and f8, and some of them just will not release (Even when I use the delete key in the objects list, after looking over the entire frame and not seeing them there)
I dont have them as global objects so IDK what the deal is...
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#127696 - Yesterday at 07:06 PM Re: Bad Objects? [Re: Eutherin]

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I hope I have your question right. F7 F8 are reserved for widows I think. I am sure that other forum members will correct me on that statement if it is wrong.

Once you get bad objects I have found it is best to recode. Do you have backups?
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#127708 - Yesterday at 08:03 PM Re: Bad Objects? [Re: nivram]

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Upload the file with bad objects and draw one of the coders' attention to it - hopefully they'll be able to find out what went wrong.

Which version do you use?

#127709 - Yesterday at 08:09 PM Re: Bad Objects? [Re: Eutherin]
Sandtouch LC

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If you are using behaviors, you might want to look for references to the bad objects in the behavior event lists. That might be what is keeping these zombie objects alive.

Otherwise, assuming you are not too deep into your application, you may want to copy the "good" objects and events to a fresh MFA.
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#127710 - Yesterday at 08:09 PM Re: Bad Objects? [Re: DavidN]

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Also be sure your running build 248 before reporting bad objects.
Many causes have been corrected from the older versions.

but yes if you have bad objects or even better a file you can reproduce bad objects at will we would love to see it in action.
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