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#127672 - Yesterday at 03:58 PM Re: Kill them or Save them? [Re: Random]

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Originally Posted By: Random
Ah, people interprete too much into the "characters" of e.g. counterstrike. They are just animated objects of type "terrorist" or "counter-terrorist" or "hostage" that happen to spawn red particles if intersected by rays cast from a users viewpoint, triggered by him pressing the corresponding input binding. A side-effect seems to be that an internal counter is decreased, depending on the type of object the user has active while casting the rays which, when reaching zero, leads to a terminal animation after which the animated object gets disabled.

Where's the big deal? No wonder the press gets all woozy if people talk like you guys!

lol thats a good description. I'd love for someone to present that sort of statement in an argument about video game violence in the news or whatnot
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#127674 - Yesterday at 04:02 PM Re: Kill them or Save them? [Re: Random]

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That is also the problem with everything in life. Interpretation. I vote for "save them".
A decision making process is binary.

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#127678 - Yesterday at 04:57 PM Re: Kill them or Save them? [Re: nivram]

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Well for me to make a save game, I would need a way to clear the Rescuees outa there and I'm stumped on ideas for that. In actual fact, iv'e got nothing; Nothing which is very strange knowing me.
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#127685 - Yesterday at 05:17 PM Re: Kill them or Save them? [Re: dragonguy]

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In one of the games I was working on, killing people was saving them, since they'd go to the other dimension once dead (You could flip back and forth between the two.)

#127687 - Yesterday at 05:49 PM Re: Kill them or Save them? [Re: Zenoff64]

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I like games where your own characters fate is decided on a simple mundane act at the start of the game which appears to have no effect whatsoever until the very end. A choice in soft drink, for instance.
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#127707 - Yesterday at 08:03 PM Re: Kill them or Save them? [Re: Dynamite]

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Originally Posted By: Dynamite
Yes but I find it more fun killing the terrorist then saving the hostages.
I get so much adrenaline that when I see the hostages I kill them anyway


#127736 - Today at 02:41 AM Re: Kill them or Save them? [Re: dragonguy]

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Which do people like more in games?

Killing in Games satifies the natural unclean urges for violence yet those without that (maybe it's genetic idk) are disgusted by that whereas Saving Lives in Games gives a much deeper pleasure but one that can bore some [sp]poeple.

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Do you mean "natural unclean urges for violence" or do you mean the necessity for survival... In most situations you are presented with a dilemma, kill or be killed.

Well it all depends, some things leave you no choice.

Like a Rabid wild dog, or a Virus infected Zombie...
Or a crazed fanatical terrorist bent on destroying everyone in his path... Like I said some situations leave you no choice...

Then it also depends on the level of realism your aiming for.
In the world you create it could be possible to save everyone and prevent any harm from happening to anything because of some special supernatural ability, you also have to remember you set the stage, it's your rules. This is where imagination comes in to play, if you have an imagination...

#127737 - Today at 02:43 AM Re: Kill them or Save them? [Re: Bruto_Memo]

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Bruto_Memo; they don't call him Dynamite for nothing... heh

#127741 - Today at 04:24 AM Re: Kill them or Save them? [Re: dragonguy]

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Originally Posted By: DavidN
I have to wonder about the people here sometimes.

Originally Posted By: dragonguy
You kill the Hostages! I don't think thats a result of adrenaline, I think thats either a lack of self controll or too much political correctness.

I love the guys here at Clickteam xD

Originally Posted By: 00J

Bruto_Memo; they don't call him Dynamite for nothing... heh

It's funny how you say that. I used the Noclip cheat (It makes you able to walk through anything, like people, walls etc) and I go "inside" on of the hostages and I put a grenade in there. The grenade gets stuck and they explode. It's so funny. In one of the levels they're in a tower/ building thing and when I made one of the hostages explode he went flying out the window, lol. XD

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#127749 - Today at 05:55 AM Re: Kill them or Save them? [Re: dragonguy]

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Originally Posted By: dragonguy
I would need a way to clear the Rescuees outa there and I'm stumped on ideas for that.
Weell, either go for something that goes with the theme (magic? teleportation?) or think outside of the box (I don't know your box, so no example here) or just pretend it doesn't really matter, like games did for ages. In the old days, the hostages would just become kinda unchained or whatever and look happy - that was it. I never really wondered why they didn't run off or something.
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