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#127407 - 02/03/09 07:51 PM iPod/iTouch/iPhone Support?

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So far, the research I've done looking into this subject leads me to believe the only way to make an app for any of the Apple mobile devices is with an SDK. Can anyone confirm this or is it possible that Java apps could work with an iPod/iTouch/iPhone? If not, is it relative to the current Java export options and if the java mobile was different enough could it still be done (I realize this isn't the place to bring up the mobile build, as I doubt anyone knows what capabilities it will have at this point besides Francois and Yves)?

Thanks guys,
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#127409 - 02/03/09 08:06 PM Re: iPod/iTouch/iPhone Support? [Re: Gerblegod7]

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I don't think Apple allows Java currently ... If/when they do it should be standard so hopefully any Java or Java mobile runs on it. (depending on whats on the ipod/phone and ect)

An iphone exporter has been kicked around and we will see what happens BUT -- there is still Apple to consider so you know it won't be cheap to dev for those platforms.
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#127430 - 02/04/09 12:30 AM Re: iPod/iTouch/iPhone Support? [Re: Jeff]

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#127464 - 02/04/09 08:11 AM Re: iPod/iTouch/iPhone Support? [Re: aidmm]

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You know we can't do that and things must be completely legal
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#127465 - 02/04/09 08:15 AM Re: iPod/iTouch/iPhone Support? [Re: aidmm]

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IPhone does not support Java currently but it should support it soon!
You can view for example websites with iPhone like in a browser on a computer, so it should open the Java plugin also in the webpage.
As I know, you can make Dashboard Widgets or maybe also Applications from a Java file for OS X. So why not for iPhone?...
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#127684 - Yesterday at 05:14 PM Re: iPod/iTouch/iPhone Support? [Re: Czentnar]

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It would only be useful to me if it were able to be made into a sellable app. Otherwise, there'd really be no point.

#127759 - Today at 07:06 AM Re: iPod/iTouch/iPhone Support? [Re: Zenoff64]

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Yes but you'd have to comply with the licensing of the game to use it on some devices It won't work unless you know how to security unlock or Sign the java files..




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