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#127640 - Yesterday at 12:28 PM Not the spin I need

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This is a game "Cat Burglar" I created for a school lesson online. One extra thing was required before submission, something it didnt state how to do in the lesson. This was to make the cat spin when it hit the walls of the maze. I completed this the same way the tutorial made the animation for when the cat was hit by the blades. By bringing it into the editor, and under dissapearing make a frame of which the cat turned red. So to make it spin, I went into the item editor, picked a random section (stand up) selected the pivot point. Clicked the cat and selected rotate. I then edited the event of when cat collides with maze wall cat stops and animation changes to spin. Yet if you test the game you will see the cat spins when it hits the walls sometimes but other times pushes through it. Please help me to fix this!

CatBurglar.mfa (20 downloads)

#127652 - Yesterday at 01:53 PM Re: Not the spin I need [Re: Jenna]

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First of all, you need to add the action that changes the animation to the collision with the walls.
Second of all, your spin hotspot is completely different from the one you has in the standard animation. Center the standard animation, along with the "hurt" animation, and it'll be fine.
I think this is cool


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