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#127608 - Yesterday at 09:36 AM Read along in interactive Children's book.

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At the moment my wife and I are working on childrens' book to help children to enhance their language skills. Besides the books we want to make a kind of interactive book also, where the story is read to them. Great for the younger kids. At the moment it's all in Dutch, but we're planning on translating it also.

I've seen this applications where a story is read/told and you see the sentence read under story and the words that are being read at the moment are being highlighted or have a rectange around them. Something similair to browse aloud.

Does anyone know if this can be achieved in MMF2 also and how I would I go about implementing it and what I will need to accomplish this?

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#127763 - Today at 07:43 AM Re: Read along in interactive Children's book. [Re: benjamin]

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Im not 100% sure what your asking, but using a simple path movement you could time it to the words being spoken that are being played by say a wav file. Or do you actually mean the user is reading it?


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