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#124625 - 01/16/09 09:32 PM Multimedia Fusion crashing on loading

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Whenever I try to load Multimedia Fusion it crashes upon loading kcprint.cox. I know it doesn't have anything to do with that specific extension because I've removed it and it just crashes upon loading the previous one, and when I remove that, the one before that and so on. I tried deleted all the extensions and it loaded, and I added them back one at a time and it seems that once it reached a certain amount it would no longer load. I know people have had this problem in the past and I wondered if a real solution ever came about.

#124659 - 01/17/09 03:48 AM Re: Multimedia Fusion crashing on loading [Re: Denkriston]

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If you have Vista and are trying to load MMF 1.5, the problem comes from the QuickTime extensions, remove them from the Extensions folder (kcqt*.cox).

#127252 - 02/02/09 08:20 PM Re: Multimedia Fusion crashing on loading [Re: Yves]

Registered: 09/16/06
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Ah, yes I was on Vista and that worked. Thanks!


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