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#125358 - 01/20/09 02:37 PM Elegant solution for "is onscreen"?

Registered: 03/14/08
Posts: 388
Are there any elegant ways to check whether an object is within visible part of the screen - something similar to "Check position" (which checks for the play area, not onscreen presence)? I know this sounds simple to do, but open the example and you`ll see what`s the problem.

It actually works but it`s way too clumsy, not to mention it`d get super messy if I have to put in a few objects that have their own effects.

WhereIsThePlayArea 004.mfa (23 downloads)
Description: For the test, I just made it so that when the red object is outside the screen the music is paused and when it gets back on screen the music is restarted. Cursor keys to move.

#125377 - 01/20/09 04:22 PM Re: Elegant solution for "is onscreen"? [Re: RayMarble]

Registered: 03/14/08
Posts: 388
Ah haha found it, "getting closer to windows edge" can be negated! This is the solution.


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