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#125088 - 01/18/09 11:21 PM Need help getting my jump code working

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So, I've been tinkering with this for a couple hours, but I can't seem to get it to do exactly what I want. The code is meant to make one of the 3 enemies jump when spacebar is pressed. I am using some jump code that seems tricky to use with how MMF2 selects objects. I thought I finally set up the fastloops correctly, but the jumping is getting cut off just as it begins.

Can someone pleeeeeease take a look?


enemy_test.mfa (11 downloads)
Description: Jumping code that is meant to work with multiple instances of an active object.


#125131 - Yesterday at 10:51 AM Re: Need help getting my jump code working [Re: mobichan]

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Just use this:

+Upon Pressing Spacebar
+Pick one of Enemy at random
:Do jump stuff
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#125140 - Yesterday at 11:22 AM Re: Need help getting my jump code working [Re: _LB]

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I don't think that will work in the long run. The problem I am running into now is that I have an object referring to a variable of another object. The second object (the one referred to) isn't getting picked. I really need to find a way to make sure both objects (in this case, the drop shadow and enemy) are selected when the jump is activated (ie, when the JumpTimer variable is set).

I will eventually need a code solution for making each enemy follow a set of routines. The use of spacebar and a random number was to see if I could get a simple command working to make one of the enemies jump. Ideally, I will want to make some way for the instances to each be able to independantly run a core set of routines (follow, attack, idle, etc) without crossing each other's wires up.

Does that make sense or am I overthinking this?

[Edit]: I tried the select object at random and it still doesn't work.

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