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#125020 - Yesterday at 02:43 PM Little "Shift" and "Ctrl" signs popping up in-game

Registered: 01/28/08
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Hi! Another little puzzle:

Left my desk a few minutes ago and must have clicked something or other as I did, because now whenever I push the Shift or Ctrl buttons on my keyboard while running my application, little signs reading "Shift" and "Ctrl" appear on the screen.

I can only assume I accidentally clicked something in MMF2 as I got up from my desk, but I'm not sure what that could have been. Any ideas? Thanks!

#125023 - Yesterday at 02:51 PM Re: Little "Shift" and "Ctrl" signs popping up in-game [Re: Jocastus]

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All right, I've gotten rid of those little signs by rebooting my computer, but still curious as to where they came from and how else I could have gotten rid of them. Maybe it's something in Vista, since that's what I'm using, but they only seemed to pop up when I ran my application. If you've got any thoughts feel free to share, but looks like I managed to get things back to normal for now.

#125024 - Yesterday at 02:54 PM Re: Little "Shift" and "Ctrl" signs popping up in-game [Re: Jocastus]

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probably just from some other software you have installed

i have little tooltip things that pop up for a few seconds if i hit the "toggle" buttons like caps lock etc; they came with, of all things, a bluetooth stack

#125041 - Yesterday at 04:17 PM Re: Little "Shift" and "Ctrl" signs popping up in-game [Re: xyzzy]

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Actually it has to do with Vista. It's a long standing problem that occurs when I'm using Zbrush 3.1 or Lightwave as well. I'm not on or near my Vista machine at the moment or I would point you to where the settings are hidng. But I believe if it's the tablet settings (regardless of whether or not you have a tablet).

Edit: It happens on Vista x64. Not sure if it applies to 32, but it probably does as well.

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#125051 - Yesterday at 05:08 PM Re: Little "Shift" and "Ctrl" signs popping up in-game [Re: PixelatedPict]

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Haven't experieced this in Vista Basic yet. Been running with it for about 8 months.
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