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#125008 - Yesterday at 02:07 PM Object resize problem

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I noticed if I resize any one object in the frame editor (for example, a platform background object), and it has multiple copies (duplicates, NOT clones, but duplicates) it takes effect for ALL of the duplicates of this object.

Is it possible to resize just ONE of the duplicated objects instead of taking effect of all of the duplicates?

I actually wanted to do this for an active object, since I have coded some events for it. Don't want to have to make the same code just for a different object that I would have to clone. Since I am using group events, it won't seem to work for global events.

#125009 - Yesterday at 02:10 PM Re: Object resize problem [Re: N64Mario]

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No it is not.
If you want to resize an object then make 1 clone of the object u wish to clone and only resize that object.

Merely copy the events and instead of puting the duplicated object in, put in the cloned one

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#125045 - Yesterday at 04:47 PM Re: Object resize problem [Re: Angelfox]

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Aawwwww.. That's too bad. Because I am working on a game that's going to have a lot of active objects (Spikes, ladders, invisible enemy generators, etc) and I'm trying to use as less active objects as possible. I heard somewhere if there's too many active objects in the current level/map, it starts slowing down.

For example if I had a room full of spikes, I had used a quick backdrop of the spikes, but then I would need to place a lot of active object spikes on top of the quick backdrop spikes for the effect/event to happen.

#125047 - Yesterday at 05:00 PM Re: Object resize problem [Re: N64Mario]

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You can change duplicates size individually at runtime, but I don't think that helps you.

#125071 - Yesterday at 07:50 PM Re: Object resize problem [Re: Dynasoft]

Registered: 11/11/08
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Loc: USA
What do you mean by "at runtime"? Like an event/code that resizes them during the game play?

If that is the case, then Hmm.... No, I don't think that would help any.... Not much, anyway.


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