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#124970 - Yesterday at 12:24 PM Question about Ellipse/Circular Movement

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I've noticed that the ellipse and circular movement both have a Centre X and Centre Y, which means that the object will always start at the given coordinates relative to the frame. This is a huge problem for me and I don't know if its possible to get around it :\ As far as I'm concerned, with the Centre X/Y there is no way to have more than 2 of the same object at different positions, or to change the objects starting position at runtime. Could anyone tell me how to get around this, or why there even is a Centre X/Y? It just seems to be entirely unnecessary and preventing me from using the movement to their potential.

#124976 - Yesterday at 12:49 PM Re: Question about Ellipse/Circular Movement [Re: camelman]

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I believe if you use the Clickteam Movement Controller extension, you can set the center positions at runtime. That should overwrite the default positions.

Basically, you would:
+Start of Frame (or whatever condition you want)
- Create object
(Under Clickteam Movement Controller column)
- Set object
- Set Circular Movement Center X, Y

I haven't played with it, but it should work.



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