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#124466 - 01/15/09 09:04 PM For LB

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Here it is

SaveProblem.mfa (20 downloads)

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#124468 - 01/15/09 09:11 PM Re: For LB [Re: Godspeed8118]

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Actually you were suppost to upload here:

Anyway, first of all, you have C:/, '/' is for webpages, '\' is for your computer, so you need c:\filename.ini. When I change that it works fine. Secondly, don't save to the C:\ drive directory, it just clutters up stuff and users don't like that. instead leave it blank and at the start of the frame before all the other events set the ini filename to ".\Out_of_the_Dark.ini" or Apppath$+"Out_of_the_Dark.ini" and it will save to the same directory as your app.

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