Uploading Agreement:
By uploading a file you agree to the following
1. All material that you upload falls under the policies, rules, and legal notices as per the English FAQ
2. A files that causes harm to a users computer, intentional or not, could result in expulsion from this forum and legal action
3. The uploader has scanned the file with a current virus detection program prior to uploading
4. The file does not infringe on any copyright issues.

Download Agreement:
1. You will virus scan before opening or running the program
2. You are using these files at your own risk and hold Clickteam 100% NOT responsible for any problems the files cause.
3. You can not use original graphics or music in new creations unless you ask permission of the poster of the file. Please do this via PM or Email.

I strongly suggest you open any source file in MMF2/TGF2 and examine it prior to running it.

Please do not use the file center as a distribution center for your finished creations. The purpose of the file center is the free sharing of example source code for Clickteam products.

If you do not agree to the above please do not upload or download any files from this forum.

By using the forum you state you understand the above.