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Please note we do not offer telephone support. We are currently working on this, and hope to offer this to customers shortly. If you are looking for support please visit our support forums for the fastest possible response.


We will try to reply as soon as we can.
For quickest results with a usage or technical question our forum is an excellent place.
We have a full staff of moderators and a large group of excellent users who love to help.
No question is too basic or too hard for them.

Forum link

Support Question concerning: Game add-ons, patches, cracks, and products not listed on our website
Clickteam can not help with items not produced by us.
We can not help with software items put inside our installers or patchers.
Please contact the website where you download the files.

Lost Serial Numbers:
Please email Registration Support
You will need to send along the name and mailing address that was used when the product was purchased.
The more information you can provide about the purchase the faster it is for us to look it up.

Upgrade Requests:
Please use this form for upgrade discount requests


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We can't reply if you do not give a valid return email address
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For technical support issues please provide the following.

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Address & Telephone Information


Corporate Headquarters:

Clickteam France

43 rue Taibout
75009 Paris

Phone / fax:
Tel: +33 472 39 94 59
Fax: +33 1 72704598

Other Offices:
Clickteam LLC
PO Box 83425
Portland OR 97283-0425

USA Phone / fax:
Tel: 1-888-471-4884
Fax: 1-800-878-7162

Clickteam (UK) Ltd
PO Box 10057
B61 7WA

UK Phone/Fax:
Tel: 01527 836944
Fax: 01527 471680
07949600231 (Mobile)
0793 2307906 (Mobile)
Sales, Education and Bulk purchasing enquires only

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