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Abstractica³Sun 18th Mar, 2007
Author:MJK Games | Company:MJK Games | Website:
Abstractica³ is the ultimate puzzle game containing over 400 challenging and mysterious puzzles and riddles. The game has four amazing Journeys in the world of puzzles: 'The Beginning', 'The Maze', 'Brainstorm Rising' and 'Abstractica!' which all include many kinds of interesting problem-solving tasks, code-breaking, image recognition, epigrams, graphical and audiovisual puzzles, information researching, concluding, guessing and calculating.
DeepsideSat 24th Jun, 2006
A major corporation has invited you, a seasoned pilot, to test drive a new prototype submersible. Your mission is simple, using whatever means you can, you must explore the deep in search for treasure. The destination areas have been chosen to push to sub to its limits, so they are full of danger.
Stop Clock DropSat 24th Jun, 2006
Get ready to challenge your wits in this unique, brain-testing puzzle game!

Manipulate pieces that fall into your hourglass and create groups of four to eliminate the ever growing onslaught of up to eight different bricks! Build combos on the Echo's of the bricks already destroyed to build even bigger bonuses.
KinesisSat 24th Jun, 2006
A mysterious world ring of unknown origin has been in orbit around the planet for ages. Over time, crystals form on the ring which contain a precious element called "stardust".
The collectors are brave souls who traverse the vast ring in an attempt to gather the valuable mineral, which has since become the foundation for all technology.
Bonbon QuestSat 24th Jun, 2006
Company:Oliver PearlWebsite:
Dodge 'n stomp on the scary Halloween monsters that are out to keep you from your candies!

Bonbon Quest is a platform game where you guide your hero through his candies collection. You must gather them all to access to the next level, but be careful of roaming monsters, they won't make your task easier! If you don't feel to it, call a friend and choose the 2 players mode.
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