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National Afterschool Association Conference
by Jeff
02/10/09 11:51 AM
AVG - False Positive
by Jeff
02/08/09 11:25 AM

New games made with Multimedia Fusion 2 Developer

Francis von Amadeus was a child prodigy and talented composer. The city of Godesberg has given you access to his journal filled with secrets and riddles. Use the clues to detect hidden objects within the many chambers of the Moonlight Opera House. You`ll notice a gaunt, ghostly figure still graces the second floor balcony. Between treble clefs and Forgotten Riddles, can you solve the mystery behind the Moonlight Sonatas?


In an intergalactic dimension, aliens are on the offense moving in to annihilate mankind. The human race faces a threat beyond any they`ve ever known. One hope remains. You alone must clone their superior technology and use it against them. Can you navigate new biospheres in a morphing 3D universe? Avoid the glowing-eyed skull, and prevail in Cy-Clone, a thrilling sci-fi Shooter game.

Latest Product NewsTue 19th Aug, 2008

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